ARTICLE: Inspirational Foreword by Pablo Amaringo for the book - Plant Spirit Shamanism (Destiny Books 2006)

pablo amaringo articleMy visions helped me understand the value of human beings, animals, the plants themselves, and many other things. The plants taught me the function they play in life, and the holistic meaning of all life. We all should give special attention and deference to Mother Nature. She deserves our love. And we should also show a healthy respect for her power!

Plants are essential in many ways: they give life to all beings on Earth by producing oxygen, which we need to be active; they create the enormous greenhouse that gives board and lodging to diverse but interrelated guests; they are teachers who show us the holisticimportance of conserving life in its due form and necessary conditions.

For me personally, though, they mean even more than this. Plants-in the great living book of nature-have shown me how to study life as an artist and shaman. They can help all of us to know the art of healing and to discover our own creativity, because the beauty of nature moves people to show reverence, fascination, and
respect for the extent to which the forests give shelter to our souls. Download to read full article........

article: The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo- Sacred Hoop Magazine

pablo amaringo articleThe outside world was first introduced to the work of the Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo with the 1991 publication of the book; 'Ayahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman,' and since then he has been recognised as one of the world's great visionary artists.

Pablo Amaringo was renowned for his intricate, colourful paintings inspired by his shamanic visions. He was a master communicator of the ayahuasca experience. He was entirely self-taught, and able to paint with meticulous botanical precision the Amazonian landscapes and the essential mythic content of his visions. His paintings depict the visions that he received during his years of practice as an ayahuasquero1, they capture the spirits, sub-aquatic cities, celestial realms, extra- terrestrial beings of great wisdom, sorcerers in battle with shamans, all revealed to him by ayahuasca.

Pablo's paintings are imbued with a supernatural quality, as he regarded them as physically manifested ícaros3. Pablo chanted ícaros whilst he painted into them as though they were medicine. Download to read full article........

ARTICLE: The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo

pablo amaringo articlePABLO AMARINGO is one of the world's greatest visionary artists, renowned for his highly complex, colourful and intricate paintings of his visions from drinking the Ayahuasca brew.

HOWARD G CHARING and PETER CLOUDSLEY met with Pablo at the school which he founded, the Usko-Ayar School of Painting, in Pucullpa, where he lives and paints. In this rare interview Pablo talks to them about his life as a shaman and artist and the magical images he creates.

What drew you to being a shaman?

It was a spiritual matter for me. I had thought that shamans deceived and lied to people, so I didn't believe in them. I thought that ayahuasca healed people because it was medicine, I didn't believe in magic and spirits. No! Then in 1967 I saw a curandera miraculously heal my sister who had been in mortal agony with hepatitis, and could not either eat or speak, but with this single healing from the plants, she was cured in just two
hours. That motivated me to start learning the science of vegetalismo. Download to read full article........